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Meet The Divas

The Divas

Christine Curran

Spicy Diva

Christine Curran, also known as Spicy Diva from Destination Divas TV, is a dynamic culinary personality renowned for her passion for bold flavors and her engaging exploration of global cuisines

Tamara Davis

Saucy diva

Tamara Davis, better known as Saucy Diva from Destination Divas TV, is a captivating culinary expert celebrated for her saucy, flavorful creations that add a tantalizing twist to classic dishes.

Adora Evans

Sweet Divas

Adora Evans, also known as the Sweet Diva on Destination Divas TV, is a confectionery virtuoso who weaves magic with her sugary creations, delighting palates and capturing hearts with her delectable desserts.

Michelle Macievic

Savory Diva

Michelle Macievic, recognized as the Savory Diva on Destination Divas TV, is a culinary virtuoso celebrated for her expertise in creating rich, flavorful dishes that tantalize the taste buds and warm the heart.

Dana Flanagan

Sizzling Diva

Dana Flanagan, known as the Sizzling Diva on Destination Divas TV, is a charismatic culinary personality who sizzles in the kitchen with her innovative cooking techniques and sizzling dishes that leave a lasting impression.

Camille Estrada

succulent diva

Camille Estrada, also recognized as Succulent Diva from Destination Divas TV, is a culinary sensation celebrated for her artful use of succulent ingredients and her ability to create delectable, mouthwatering dishes.