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Dining Divas TV – What Makes must see TV? Combining food, Celebrities and of course, anything sexy! That’s what Dining Divas is all about… a fun, out-on-the-town show with attractive hosts featuring the trendiest hot spots for dining. Each episode kicks off with the Divas taking you to a new upscale restaurant where they sip on signature cocktails at the bar before learning how to cook the chefs favorite dishes. With our personable hosts, you’re guaranteed good banter and lots of laughs as they chop it up in the kitchen. Following their behind-the-scenes culinary experience, our hosts are greeted by an influential guest to enjoy the fruits of their labor at the dining table. The audience will get to know their guest a little better in a more realistic and candid approach to Celebrity interviews.

Dining Divas Destinations – Post-covid, there’s no hotter topic than food, unless… its food and travel. The Dining Divas are taking their love for delicious cuisine and crafty cocktails on the road as they explore unique hotel and resort destinations around the World. Each episode the Divas will immerse themselves into the culture, the attire and the gastronomy of what that unique location has to offer. Following a similar feel to their hit show in South Florida, Dining Divas TV, the Divas will learn unique cocktail recipes with the mixologist, get a sneak peak of the chefs favorite recipes in the kitchen and invite entertaining celebrity friends to indulge in the scrumptious foodie experience in the new hit series, Dining Divas Destinations.

Dining Divas After Dark – A live stream cooking show that’s raw and uncensored. *Exclusively on the app

Get To Know The Divas – Reality tv segments about each Diva. *Exclusively on the app

Updated on
Oct 30, 2022

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