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Discover the empowered world of Dining Divas, where food, fashion, and flair converge as they conquer the culinary scene with style and substance.

Dining Divas, an acclaimed TV show blending food, fashion, and lifestyle, recently clinched a prestigious Taste Award in Beverly Hills, marking another triumph in their journey of empowerment and excellence. Led by dynamic founder and CEO Christine Curran, affectionately known as the ‘Spicy Diva,’ this ensemble of accomplished women transcends entertainment to champion collaboration, empowerment, and exquisite experiences. With an unwavering commitment to elevating together, the Divas embark on adventures that celebrate diverse cuisines, exotic destinations, and luxurious dining experiences.

In a recent escapade to Beverly Hills, the Divas embarked on a special edition episode, capturing the essence of the illustrious Oscar parties and Taste Awards of 2024. Their journey began with a glamorous photoshoot adorned in designer ensembles by Jesse J Collections, setting the tone for a series of opulent experiences. Hosted by Celebrity Chef Flor at The Rayen Airbnb, the Divas orchestrated a captivating Mexican-inspired dinner party, inviting a constellation of socialites and influential guests to partake in the festivities.

Curated by, renowned for crafting exclusive and refined journeys, the Divas indulged in a 5-star experience at the star-studded Oscar party, graced by the presence of Elton John and featuring a sumptuous 5-course spread. From VIP Oscar parties to engaging conversations on the Reclip podcast, the Divas made an indelible mark across Los Angeles, radiating their signature blend of sophistication and charm.

Their crowning moment arrived at the Taste Awards, where the Divas clinched the prestigious Best in Style: Food & Fashion award for the third season of Dining Divas. Concluding their epicurean odyssey at Milo and Olive in Santa Monica, the Divas savored an array of delectable delights, crafted from locally sourced ingredients, amidst the cozy ambiance of this neighborhood bakery and pizzeria.

In alignment with their ethos of women empowerment, the Divas were graciously adorned with exquisite gifts from esteemed sponsors, including Pedilicious Footwear, See Clothing, and DYG Beauty USA. Each brand embodies a commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability, resonating deeply with the core values of the Dining Divas franchise.

Fueling their journey of empowerment and collaboration, the Dining Divas are accompanied by a stellar cast of co-hosts, each bringing their unique expertise and flair to the table. From Adora Evans, renowned as the ‘Manifesting Queen,’ to Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, an award-winning travel agent and former news anchor, the Divas epitomize the essence of empowerment through unity and shared experiences.

In a world where empowerment meets epicurean excellence, the Dining Divas continue to redefine the boundaries of culinary entertainment, leaving an indelible mark on the gastronomic landscape. As they journey from one culinary escapade to another, the Divas inspire audiences worldwide to embrace collaboration, empowerment, and the pursuit of exquisite experiences.

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