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christine curran

Christine Curran
Executive Producer

Curran has been in the entertainment business for 18 years. Right out of college she started booking single moms and college students for modeling and promo gigs helping over 800 women make part time or full time income over a 13 year span with her first company Ft. Liquordale Entertainment.

While booking talent, Christine also became on air talent, interviewing Celebrities and local businesses for VIP TV. Looking for more ways to bring in new viewers for her network and create more revenue, Christine created the VIP TV model search which was a huge success. With 50 models competing for 12 Miss VIP TV titles, sponsors, celebrity judges and over 450 VIP attendees, the show was a hit. She took the 12 winners to Bimini sponsored by Resort World Bimini Cruise line, for the first ever VIP TV calendar shoot.

Christine Curran then launched “On The Mic” featuring the hottest celebrity interviews and events. The show was produced by RedAv and was distributed nationally in 4 & 5 star hotels across the US in 2018 by Estream TV.

She enjoyed the TV production side of the entertainment industry which led her to creating a TV show that was focused on Women Empowerment and elevating the foodie world in a very entertaining fast paced way that would engage the viewer. This is how Dining Divas was born which has now evolved into a network, the Dining Empire. Under the Empire there will be several original IP shows such as Dining Divas, Destination Divas on Travel Channel, Dining Dudes and more. The Empire will also be the hottest new network to host and promote 3rd party shows in the travel and foodie space.

christine curran

Wali Waiters | Executive Producer

Has been in the Television and Entertainment Industry for nearly three decades.

He has worked with TV Icons Larry King and Academy Award Winner Lou Gossett Jr. Montel Williams and William Shatner

Waiters is a Transformational Speaker, Coach, Business Consultant and Author. His passion for

helping others bringing their visions to reality has led to his latest book project

“Transformational Truths” – A series of thoughts. Principles and Experiences created to lead

you through life’s journey due to be released soon.

christine curran

Janine Stella | Senior Producer

Janine has been a TV Producer since 2018, working on national shows and local gigs before landing a gig as the Senior Producer for a health show on Fox Business with Dr. Drew in 2021. In 2019, Janine sought a new challenge and started her radio show, which eventually morphed into her podcast, ‘Skulls and Stilettos,’ where she explores diverse topics, from art and culture to personal narratives, offering valuable insights from her guests. Her interest was piqued in the mixed martial arts world, where she became known for her unique interview style and thought-provoking questions.

Her career took another turn when she joined Pod Populi, a podcast management company. Starting as a studio director, she climbed up to their head sales position, immersing herself in podcast management and consultations. She also started her first radio show, SOFLO SASS on W4CY in 2020. She is the maverick Podcast Producer and the boss lady behind StellaMix which is a force to be reckoned with in the podcasting world. She’s not just creating podcasts; she’s forging auditory experiences, complete with killer logos, badass names that resonate with unique concepts, and electrifying trailers that pack a punch on major platforms like Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Google.

Our Partners

Christine Curran

Spicy Diva

Christine Curran, also known as Spicy Diva from Destination Divas TV, is a dynamic culinary personality renowned for her passion for bold flavors and her engaging exploration of global cuisines

Tamara Davis

Saucy diva

Tamara Davis, better known as Saucy Diva from Destination Divas TV, is a captivating culinary expert celebrated for her saucy, flavorful creations that add a tantalizing twist to classic dishes.

Adora Evans

Sweet Divas

Adora Evans, also known as the Sweet Diva on Destination Divas TV, is a confectionery virtuoso who weaves magic with her sugary creations, delighting palates and capturing hearts with her delectable desserts.

Camille Estrada

succulent diva

Camille Estrada, also recognized as Succulent Diva from Destination Divas TV, is a culinary sensation celebrated for her artful use of succulent ingredients and her ability to create delectable, mouthwatering dishes.

Behind The Scenes

Rui Dias-Aidos

Production Manager

From Portuguese descent born in Venezuela, Rui speaks 4 languages. Rui earned a BFA in Communication Art & Design with the Royal College of Arts, Kensington , London. 3 years later he attended Social Communications at the Andres Bello Catholic University in Caracas, Venezuela, where he became a BA in Television and Cinema Production recipient.

Dias-Aidos adds skills by becoming the youngest Art Director with the McCann Erickson’s European roster, an accomplished copywriter under the wing of Dick Criswell at Leo Burnett-Novas in Caracas in the 70’s, a business starter tutored by Alex Kroll at Young & Rubicam headquarters where, after 


Completing a creative strategy seminar, he was selected in building Latina, an agency branch dedicated to enhancing current campaigns targeting the now called Hispanic market back in the 80’s. In Caracas, Rui captured the attention of Procter & Gamble and took a Product management position leading to becoming a Brand Marketing Manager in the first half of the 90’s. Despite a growing career, the itch left by his experience in the US was so powerful he decided to move to Florida and co-found Trigger, Inc. Rui bears 3 patents in his name.

Later Rui went independent as REDAV. Dias-Aidos excels in photography and video lighting, establishing his own cinema-oriented style. He’s produced movies, commercials and brand packaging for several products. He has produced for Alcatel, Bustelo Coffee, Chrysler, Colgate/Palmolive, Durex, Dupont/ConAgra, EMI Records, Goodyear, Juki America, MTV, Phoenix Air Show, PolyGram Records, Sony Music, Spherion, Sunglass Hut, The City of Miami Beach, The Florida Marlins Baseball Club, The New World Symphony, The Sports Channel, TLC, Toyota, Universal Music, and XX Lager, Univision, MSNBC, Telemundo and so many more.

With a 15 year working relationship, Christine and Rui make the perfect business duo and have completed numerous projects together over their partnership, with Dining Divas being their legacy piece.

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